Becoming a Member


We believe that commitment to the local church evidences the value that one places upon that which God himself has placed great value. He loves His church and has purchased her with His own blood (Acts 20:28).

The "one anothers" of the New Testament clearly cannot be carried out without some sense of membership within a local body of believers.

The New Testament concept of church discipline presupposes some sense of mutual covenant community within a local church (see 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 and the surrounding context).
Therefore, membership is required if one has an interest in serving in any ministry areas where leadership is involved. Examples include: worship team member, Bible study teacher, Care Group leader, deacon, elder, and so forth.


  • Know the purpose of Redeemer Church: "to equip God's people to delight in His glory and declare that glory to our neighbors and the nations!"
  • Take seriously the Church Covenant to which you are committing, and seek to live it out in practice.
  • Gather with us for worship regularly, and seek to go hard after God together.
  • Join a Care Group and look for ways in which to serve an encourage others.
  • Attend members' meetings regularly, and take responsibility for the church's health.
  • Consider where God would have you serve, and do it in the strength he supplies.
  • Give regularly, and consider the church's stewardship your own.


There are four phases to the membership process:


Our 6-week Membership Matters course is designed to help you discern God's will concerning your place at Redeemer, as well as provide you with a scriptural basis upon which to make your commitment to membership. Classes are offered at various times throughout the year. Upcoming sessions will be announced in our weekly eNews, Sunday Worship Guides, and posted on The City. Though this course is a prerequisite for membership at Redeemer, anyone is invited to attend.


There are two forms that we will ask you to complete: 1) The Church Covenant & Discipline form, which ensures that you have read the  FBC Elgin Church Covenant, as well as the statement on church discipline, and are willing to make such a commitment, and 2) the Membership Profile form, which is simply a tool to help us get to know you better and come to understand your spiritual backgrond more clearly.


The purpose of this conversation is to afford you an opportunity to ask any questions of the church's leadership that you might have, share any concerns, and allow us to hear you share (verbally) your personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ. During this conversation, we will also have the opportunity to talk about baptism (believers' baptism by immersion is required for membership).


This phase of the membership process provides the opportunity to our church membership to affirm your desire to join our church family.